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Kinevia Duo

The whole body trainer
Kinevia Duo • The whole body trainer
Kinevia Duo • The whole body trainer
Anti-glare, large menu, robust display surface
Kinevia Duo • Upper body trainer, can be adjusted by 180° - Application as arm trainer
Kinevia Duo • Upper body trainer, can be adjusted by 180° - Application as leg trainer

Kinevia Duo

Your trainer-arm and leg

Passive training: Motor drive
A gentle passive mobilisation of your muscles and joints, for example during the warm-up phase. Spasms and tensions are gently eased and dissolved.
Active training: Muscle strength
Depending on what you aim to achieve, you can adjust the pedal resistance to meet your needs.
Soft training: Motor assistance
The motor specifically supports your exercise training. This way you can mobilise even the weakest residual muscle strength.
Symmetry training: 
The program supports you by displaying the symmetry when training both sides of the body simultaneously. This way one-sided deficits can be corrected.

Standard equipment Kinevia Duo:

  • Large 7-inch colour display (touch panel)
  • Detailed analysis of the last ten training sessions
  • Training statistics for long-term analysis
  • Several preset training programs
  • Safety foot rest with Velcro straps
  • Adjustable pedal radius-no tools needed
  • Adjustable pedal-no tools needed
  • Safety height adjustment via grid-no tools needed
  • Stable ergonomic handle bars
  • Practical step aid for foot rests
  • Automatic anti-spastic control (ASC) and program for easing of spasticity
  • Automatic change of direction (individually adjustable)
  • Practical bottle holder
  • Operating hours counter
  • Rubber-encased wheels, mounted on ball bearings
  • 5 years warranty on all mechanical parts

Adjustable pedal radius
Set the pedal radius to your individual leg length
and individual requirements in no time.


Adjustable pedal width
The pedal width can be adjusted to your requirements
with the safe grid adjustment.


Quick Adjust
The clever turning handle made of stainless steel
allows for an easy adjustment of the pedal width
without requiring any tools.


Large touch panel
The 7-inch colour screen with touch panel comes
with a high-quality anodised aluminum housing
and a USB port.


Ergonomic handle bars
Perfectly designed curved handle bars allow for a
relaxed upper body training (Kinevia duo).


Practical bottle holder
The attractive holder is suitable for all standard
bottles and is perfectly placed for easy access.


Safety height adjustment
The height of the Kinevia can be adjusted to your
body height. The safety grid ensures a secure hold.
























Anti-glare, large menu, robust display surface
The 7-inch colour display provides a perfect view. Excellent colour contrast and a large font guarantee best readability. The robust casing made from aluminum and the sturdy display surface are extremely solid and ensure many years of reliability.

Perfect ease of use, optimal key guidance  
Enjoy the super easy control of your Kinevia and the easy navigation of the menu. The large operating fields are safe to handle. In addition, signal tones provide acoustic safety.

Your training results, always viewable
All important training results are clearly displayed with the touch of a button: Training distance, symmetry, calories burnt, heart rate, use of own muscular strength. With the training statistics you can also analyse longer training periods. You can simply transfer the data to your PC or laptop via the USB interface. Not only you, but also your doctor or therapist will be thrilled by how uncomplicated your training results and therapeutic successes can be analysed.

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