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Kinetec Electrodes

TENS Electrodes
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Kinetec electrodes

Kinetec Electrodes

Features & Benefits:

  • Fast applicaon and easy handling and removal
  • Strong tacky adhesive
  • Low impedance and high conducvity
  • Self-adhering and reusable
  • 2 Various shapes for each use
  • Latex free
  • Wire pins from 2 through 2.15mm 

① Pad: It is made of Cloth form. It can be bent due to flexibility of materials.

② Lead-Wire: It is a carbon lead wire. The connector is connected to transcutaneous electrical nerve smulators.

③ Carbon Film: It delivers electrical signals to a Lead-Wire.

④ Hydro gel: It is applied to the surface of the skin. It delivers signal from skin to Carbon Film.

⑤ Liner: It is made of PET film. One side which ectrode is contacted is coated with silicone. It makes electrode detach easily.

Ordering Information

4665005714 Kinetec Electrode 50x50mm (square)

4665005722 Kinetec Electrode 50x90mm (rectangular)


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