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The Kinetec Centura Anatomical Shoulder CPM Machine is the ideal choice for home shoulder rehabilitation.

  • Quality of movements
  • Synchronisation system
  • Flexible and evolutionary machine
  • Chair design made for easy set-up and transportation
Provides post-operative passive range of motion.
Prevents joint stiffness, oedema, soft tissue contractures and muscles atrophy.
Patient set-up is anatomical, comfortable and quick with a colour-coded set-up system.
Programmable hand control allows pre-programming 16 different protocols.
Change for right and left is easy.
Breaks down for convenient transportation; also includes a carrying case for detachable parts.
The Kinetec Centura Lite includes as standard the Kinetec Data Capture.

The Centura Lite is made up of 2 complementary and flexible machines making it possible to cover the most important movements of the shoulder and the elbow :

Movements    Centura Lite 1 motor       Centura Lite     

Movement A
from 20° to 160°


Movement B
from 20° to 160°
with synchronised rotation
from -30° to 90°

Movement C
Shoulder Rotation
from -30° to 90°

Movement D
Shoulder Flexion/extension
from 20° to 180°


Movement E
Horizontal abduction
from -30° to 110°

centura-lite-mov-e Optional Optional
Movement F
Elbow flexion/extension
from -10° to 135°
centura-lite-mov-f Optional Optional