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Apparatus - Kinetec Kooler™

Continuous Therapy System
Kinetec Kooler™ - includes unit, power supply and tubing assembly
Kinetec Kooler™ outperforms ice and heat gel packs with safer, more effective results
Kinetec Kooler - Delivered Temperature
Kinetec Kooler - Includes Unit, Power supply and tubing assembly

Apparatus - Kinetec Kooler™

The Kinetec Kooler™ Advantage
Kinetec Kooler™ is a powerful and practical pain relieving device that uses thermoelectric technology to provide heating and cooling therapy where and when you need it, without the use of ice. Our technology satisfies a clear un-met clinical need - safe, effective, and targeted localized treatment with precise temperature management and registration.

Consistent Temperature Delivery
Traditional ice-water circulating devices as well as ice and gel heat packs do not maintain consistent temperatures over time. These therapies can start off too cold or too hot, causing injury or discomfort and will quickly lose their therapeutic effectiveness as they adjust to room temperature.

The Importance of Patient Education
How cold is cold enough?
Many patients have pre-conceived ideas that cold therapy has to be as cold as ice to be effective.
In reality, the over use and exposure to ice and low temperatures can lead to serious injuries. Blood vessels close to the skin start to constrict, and can shunt blood flow away from an injury and damage tissue in the affected area,
opposite of the intended therapy and its benefits.
Because Kinetec Kooler™ is easy to use, safe and maintains a consistent temperature, patients are more likely to comply with prescribed treatment. Patients can experience reduced need for pain medication and improve their recovery time.

Advantages of Kinetec Kooler™ Continuous Thermal Therapy
There is variation in the sensitivity to temperatures experienced by different people. The right temperature for the maximum healing benefit is key in patient care.
As a professional it is important that patients receive proper instructions and personalized therapy guidelines for use, duration and frequency. Kinetec Kooler™ allows you to customize your treatment through 20 temperature levels for precise thermal therapy.

  • Heat or cool therapy in one device
  • Customizable temperature control between 1° and 51° C
  • Operates at a constant temperature for up to 1,000 continuous hours
  • Rapid achievement of temperature levels – 20 comfort level settings
  • ƒƒShort mode-changing delay enables contrast therapy at any temperature

Delivered Temperature
Kinetec Kooler™ has 20 temperature comfort levels allowing professionals to prescribe specific treatment duration, intervals and temperature levels for maximum healing benefit.

Compelling Features

  • ƒƒ Runs without the use of ice and is virtually maintenance free
  • ƒƒ 3 minutes to set up, requires only 60 ml of distilled water
  • ƒƒ Five preset timer options: ƒƒ
    • Timed therapy: 10, 20 or 30 minutes
    • ƒƒ Continuous therapy: 30 minutes on and 30 minutes pause or 30 minutes on and 60 minutes pause
  • ƒƒ Lightweight and portable
    • ƒƒ Unit Size (cm): 25 L x 11 W x 11 H
    • ƒƒ Unit Weight: 3,3 kg

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